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What's new in the latest beta (1.92, Test 3) of Fedora Core 2? Plenty, and I'm not talking about new versions of this or that package (they're there), a slicker installer (it is), or a prettier desktop (it isn't). Nosireebob, the changes in Fedora Core represent what might amount to the biggest set of changes in the Linux distribution world since Caldera (yeah, I know, hiss, boo) introduced a graphical installer back in the dark ages of 1998. Fedora's changes include a new, fundamentally different security model, a new X implementation, the 2.6 kernel, GNOME 2.6, and KDE 3.2.2.

Fedora Core now includes SELinux, or Security Enhanced Linux. SELinux introduces a significant shift in the way users, programs, and processes interact with each other. Although it is installed, SELinux is disabled by default. To enable SELinux during installation, type "selinux" at the Boot: prompt when you boot the installer. Before you do this, memorize the Fedora Core SELinux FAQ.

The new X implementation is the X.org Foundation's X11R6.7.0. In theory, X11R-mumble is XFree86 4.4.0rc2 with additional extensions, including Xrender, Xft, Xcursor, fontconfig, and other X goodness. In practice, I don't think you'll see much difference. With apologies to the Who, "meet the new X, same as the old X."