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Thread: View all hidden posts option

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    View all hidden posts option

    One thing that has become a nuisance is the fact that when a user is banned it automatically hides all their posts. I can see the reason behind this but could we have some kind of option - maybe under site options or something where we could enable "view all banned posts" - so the user could turn it off or on at will? so when is unchecked the posts remain as is now (banned members posts hidden) but if you want them displayed without having to click on them you could just check a box and then from then on any banned member's posts would be visible as normal posts?


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    Thats a great suggestion. When I go through the older threads, some of them have every other post hidden, and it is a pain to be opening and closing them all.
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    I was about to suggest this. I think it could use a little work though. How about an "I'm not a wuss" button that allows all threads to be shown, hidden or banned people posts.

    Like for example you could just keep the message on there that the person has hidden the post, or that the person was banned, and below that the post is shown without having to click on it.

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    Or keep the option enabled after a fixed certain amount of posts?that way you could be sure that people have a certain sense of ahem,responsibility and know how the site works

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    Add me to the list of people who want this.

    For some reason Mozilla FireFox won't open those pesky links until the full page has loaded. Then it has to load their post. This may not be a big deal to all you high-speed connection whores, but I'm still living in the stone age with my 56k modem!


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    I FULLY SUPOPORT THIS IDEA in any way i can. I hate those Hidden posts.....I absolutely hate them ...

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    I love the Hidden post function its adds some spice to the Browsin..
    But i'm ALL for it though, but i think that if it was implemented into the site then it would have to have this..

    "I'm not a wuss" button that allows all threads to be shown, hidden or banned people posts
    Now that would rock....


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    I've asked about this before, and according to JP it's not easy because the hidden threads are separate in some way from the others. The thread in question is:

    Ironically, the two other people who posted in that thread have their posts hidden because they have been banned.

    However, I'm not too sure if it is that difficult to unhide posts - because posts from banned members are hidden so surely this can be reversed (they never used to be hidden).
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    I'lll look into the difficulty involved in making this change and let you guys know if I'm likely to have time to put some work into it this week,

    - h
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    thanks mnstrgrl is much appriciated


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