Some of you may have seen previews on TV for something called "the underground comedy movie" as the most offensive movie ever. Well, seeing as how I can't buy it because I can't find it in any store around here, I decided to try and download it.

I just got done watching it, and I'm sad to say, it's not as good as the commercial says....IT'S ****ING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the most Punk rock movie I've seen in a long time. NOFX are in the movie's soundtrack, and they play songs from them throughout the movie, as well as a bunch of other good songs. It has one of the best sound tracks I've ever heard.

It's also FUNNY!

Super models taking a big ass ****, and farting, a huge ass black dude all ripped with muscles is gay and won't put out to some white dude because he is a virgin and saving himself for the right man.

Then you have BatMan! Which is one of the best "Mini movies" in the whole thing. BatMan is a baseball player, and you have a joker like character in it to. They are funny as hell. An old lady get's beaten with a baseball bat.

She was being a "Brat" though And you have to beat on the brat with a baseball bat.

Then you have a huge circle jerk, which was FUNNY. I havn't seen that much *** on someone's face since my ex GF was here last.

Then you have "The porno review" which is funny as hell. They put a rubber wang over this dudes wang, and he spanks it to pron, and then they meassure how much unloads to rate the porn. The circle jerk is part fo this mini film. The movie has like 10 mini films, and then of course the ending is part of the main film. It also has a dedication and inspiration, which rocks.

I give this movie a 9. It could have a ten but it would need a few more things in it. donna of the Dead was a great mini film in this movie. Necropheliacs all around.

LOL, then they have a Necropheliac orgy. It is funny though. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys punk rock, dark humor, The Ramones lyrics, or drugs heh.

Slash is also in the movie, and he adds something to the movie to make you giggle.

If you're gay, be warned they do crack some gay jokes, but they also kill the people who crack them. They also kill a KKK member. They take shots at everything. I should have been in this movie.

Some people have given this a bad review. Well **** them. I like it.


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