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Thread: Computer not communicating on W2k LAN

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    Question Computer not communicating on W2k LAN

    Ya know, it seems anytime I post in this section it has something to do with printers. Man, am I getting sick of printers!

    CEO's assistant shares his printer over our W2k network. Up until the other day, no problems. Then, suddenly, it just stops responding for no apparent reason. Checked out the matter, and no one's computer can connect to his printer now, even though it can be seen on the network.

    Next, I tried removing his address lease from DHCP to see if restoring it would fix the failure in network communication. Restarted the machine, he got his IP address back, but the address lease has not yet reappeared in DHCP on the domain controller.

    Then, I removed him entirely from the domain, restarted, then added him again. Finally, I removed and readded the computer, reinstating print sharing. No luck.

    So, any other ideas? 1) How do I get his address lease to reappear in the DHCP window on the domain controller, and 2) how can I get communication to this machine restored?

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    1. Can the user sharing the printer print directly to it?

    2. Can you add another printer with a diff share name to see if it's avail to print to?

    3. Can the problem printer be moved to another machine and be shared and printed to?

    4. Anything in the logs showing problems?

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    1. Yes. No problems printing locally.
    2. Good idea, I'll try that next.
    3. Not really, it's necessary to be on this particular one.
    4. There is one odd DnsApi error, in which DNS server registration is failing, but it doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem. Connections to the Internet through the LAN as well as network drives are working fine.

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