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    CPU Spikes

    Ok i just reset up my computer at my new house. The only thing i added was a wireless network card, the new house comes complete with wireless (the card is a D-link DWL-G520). Well with all that out of the way, my problem is my CPU is spiking and i can not figure out what is causing it. When it happens my winamp studders as long as anything i am doing such as typing or playing a video. I can see the spikes on my StatBar (proggie that gives sys. stats) but when i try to get into task manager (btw i am using Win XP) all cpu usages are normal. I have never had anyproblms like this before, at first i just ignored it, but the more it happens the more annoying it gets. I have plunty of ram, 768, and my cpu is a p4 1.4 so i dont think it is hardware. Well if you have any ideas, or a way i can log what is using my cpu and how much it is using that would be great.


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    In your Xp Process manager, you should see what is taking the CPU resource.

    Try removing the wireless, and see if that helps.........maybe the neighbour's kid is stealing your resources?

    Like "how have you protected this new wireless environment sir?"

    Why are you running these monitors if they cannot answer your questions........waste of resource aren't they?

    Go back to your old set-up, test that, then start adding?

    Just a thought

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    Some times your antivirus will be working in the back ground and cause a drop in resources. Then when you move the mouse to go see why, your showing as no longer idle and it shuts off, and you can't see what has cause it in the task manager.
    When you find a period that this is happening, turn off the back ground scan portion of you AV and see if it doesn't go away.
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    No one else is on my network, i have my PS2 hooked up to it, and am in the router settings daily so i know what is on my network, as far as my comp i have Norton firewall blocking the front and back doors, and winsonar keeping an eye on the system. The reason i have all of this is to monitor my computer, and it does a good job, it is just that these spikes only like for about 1-2 sec. and i have no control over anything so i cant get into the task manager in time to see what is using the cpu, i went though the list and there is nothing there that is not normaly there.

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