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Thread: Help urgently needed!!!

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    Help urgently needed!!!

    I was just wondering if someone knew how to appropriatly uninstall a RH 9.0 distro from a system which has windows XP. The problem began when I decided to uninstall RH 9.0 from my computer, which used to dual-boot into RH or Windows XP. I used Magic Partition's boot-up disk to re-format the HDD which contained the RH 9.0 distro, but when I re-started my computer it didn't boot into Windows XP, but it just showd me this prompt: "Grub>". I need to get rid of this and make my computer boot into Windows XP. Does anyone know how to do this???
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    Well you can try this at your own risk..

    Boot from a bootdisk for DOS 622 or Win9x (

    Once you get to a DOS prompt you can use the command prompt.

    fdisk /mbr

    Risky if you dont know what you are doing.

    When installing in a dual boot, you can choose to boot Linux from a boot disk to
    avoid this problem in the future.


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    Or you could just maybe repair the Boot Sector if you have you OS disks?

    This is an illustrated guide, just scroll down to the section on Recovery Console.

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