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Thread: MS updates???

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    Question MS updates???

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to push out MS updates? I'm currently using SUS but it does not have a rollback option which is now a company requirement. I know WUS is slated to come out 2nd half of this year but we can't wait for it. Other options i've looked at are Zenworks and patchlinks, but i'm wondering if anyone else out there uses something different.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It is not free but you can check out Shavlik at

    We are evaluating Shavlick and the latest SMS (Ver 3.0 I think) for our patch mangement. We have just started our eval so I do not know if either has the rollback feature as this is not in our requirments but both products look very robust in other areas.

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    SMS from Microsoft could do your job also.
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    At our college we got a mixed network with MS and Novell. The people taking care of Novell got the task to do just this thing, push patches and updates out. Wellllll... so far the only thing they have done with ZenWorks is messing up a bunch of workstations for people. And in lots of cases the ZenWorks agent doesn't even run right on all workstations. Could be the Novell people working here, could be ZenWorks itself.. not sure.. heh!?

    Have only looked at SMS real quick, and it's supposed to do the task, just looks like a pain to setup/maintain. Once you get to know it though, it's supposed to be able to do anything for ya.

    I'm hoping WUS will be real good, sounds promising at least!

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