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Thread: Connecting to a computer threw a firewall

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    Question Connecting to a computer threw a firewall

    I have 2 computers hooked up threw a router. One computer has a Freedom Firewall on it. Everytime that i want to connect to it i have to turn off the firewall. I have gone threw all the help files trying to find it but no luck. Any ideas?

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    Are you using Internet Explorer as your browser?

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    Just how are you trying to connect? eg. are you trying to use file sharing or have you set up a server?
    Either way all you have to do is set the firewall to allow the other computer to connect on whatever port your using.
    To be of any more help need a few more details really, eg. what service are you trting to connect to?

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    I have a simple home network threw a router. I want it basicly so i can print off the computer that i have it connected to that has the firewall.

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    allowing file and print sharing from a trusted network is a pretty basic feature on every personal fw ive come accross. hopefully this firewal has support for local networks. im assuming you got it for content filtering for your kids. @ 86 dollars and 39 a year thats the only thing that makes sense so being behind a router you could always turn off the fw feature or make a rule to allow all traffic from your local subnet, or whatever, or your computers ip address if you cant find a simple check box for allowing file and print sharing.

    did you donload the help (exe) file. the pdf says help with advanced features can be found in the programs help file.
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    If you are behind a properly configured router, you shouldn't need firewalls on your computers. Turn them off. If you do not, however, trust your router settings and feel like making everything hard, then you are going to have to make rules that allow the other computer to connect to your computer's ports 135-139. Or, you could just put that computers IP or MAC address in the "trusted" field of your firewall's settings.

    Personally, I am behind a linksys and I removed my firewalls after testing my router for a month with SNORT and Blackice. I didn't get a single hit through my router so I dub it safe for now. I also constantly log any and every inbout and outbound connections (which I have been doing for a year now) and have not had any unsolicited traffic come inside my network. Just a few ideas to pass through your ears.
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    Well the only reason there is a firewall on the computer is because it is my fathers computer and i dont have close to any say on that computer. That is why i built my own. But the printer is on his computer. I think he has it on there for security worries that he has.
    But i will try what you have mentioned, Thanks!

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