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Thread: Avast: any good?

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    Avast: any good?

    I am currently using avast home edition. O was a long time user of Norton, but because I am cheap, I have switched to a free antivirus program. Are there any better ones than avast? I know this is kind of a newb question, but thanks for the help anyway.
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    I don't know about Avast, but I've always used AVG. There's a free version and a professional version. The free version works like a charm for me. It's easy to update the reference file, set scheduled scans, etc. Here's their home page:


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    G'day RedHawk,

    I believe the best AV program out there is the one that provides frequent updates and the user has those updates installed on his computer. And, he/she is also employing a layered defense which includes a firewall, malware protection/elimination, AV, etc. Basically, you want to put a condom around your computer nothing goes out nothing gets in unless you specify when and where.

    I don't really know if there is a "best AV" anymore. I'm sure we all have our preferences. And as such, I would recommend that you try different ones as well until you find one that fits your needs. There are many free ones available and as MJK has suggested AVG is a great one.

    There has become quite the competition, not only for the $ versions of Av but also with the free versions. They are trying to put out the best product they can so we will mention their name in a favored manner and procure the version with more bells and whistles.

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    I'm currently runnig Avast and I like it very much. It's frequently updated and free. However if you want to try something else, and here I asume you use Windows, try this link:
    It leads to a free one-year trial of EZArmor (By Computer Associates).
    Just my $0.2.
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