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    Some Misc new i got...some 2-3 days old...

    Napster 2.0 Goes Live in the UK Today

    Given that the competition for digital music fans has been distinctly heating up over the past several months -- with iTunes still in the lead and, a Russian site, offering music for roughly 5 cents per track -- Napster's success globally is anything but certain.

    My Left Arm for a Gmail Account

    If you have an invitation to open an account on Google's new e-mail service, you could sell it on eBay for as much as $60. But if cash is a little too prosaic for you, your Gmail invitation could net you 4 pounds of fresh fudge, some Jewish mystical knowledge, a photo of a wife and a girlfriend kissing, a tarantula, Paris Hilton's phone number or any one of more than 1,000 other options.,1284,63524,00.html

    -Mail 'Phishing' Scams Soared in April -Report

    "Phishing" attacks -- e-mail scams designed to fool people into handing over credit card numbers or other valuable financial data -- numbered 1,125 in April, nearly tripling from March, the Anti-Phishing Working Group said on Thursday.

    Lack of desktop configuration standards hurting cybersecurity

    The Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies are falling short on meeting the most critical provision of the Federal Information Security Management Act, a security expert and Hill staff member said. Bob Dix, staff director for the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and the Census, said OMB has not adequately provided guidance that requires agencies to have minimum security configuration controls for employees’ PCs and notebooks—a key provision in FISMA.

    Cisco issues another security warning

    Cisco warned customers on Thursday of what security experts are calling a "minor security issue" in its IPSec-based VPN 3000 Concentrator. The problem, which is present in both Linux and Microsoft versions of the IPSec client, occurs when customers configure the VPN (virtual private network) concentrator to accept group passwords rather than digital certificates for authentication.

    RSA 2004: Magic Carpet Ride

    The RSA Conference is the world's leading information security conference and expo, and every year it delivers up prominent keynote speakers, deep technical sessions, and a sprawling array of product and service vendor displays.

    14 yr old charged with threats made in chat room

    An eighth grader named some students to be targeted and used some of the same descriptions in the Columbine High attack.

    The young boy stated he would take hostages, kill some, and then kill himself on a message chat board.

    He was charged with four counts of threatening to discharge a destructive device and a misdemeanor of disrupting school functions.

    Malware Analysis for Administrators

    The threat of malicious software can easily be considered as the greatest threat to Internet security. Earlier, viruses were, more or less, the only form of malware. Nowadays, the threat has grown to include network-aware worms, trojans, DDoS agents, IRC Controlled bots, spyware, and so on. The infection vectors have also changed and grown and malicious agents now use techniques like email harvesting, browser exploits, operating system vulnerabilities, and P2P networks to spread.

    Apple patches critical Mac OS X hole

    Apple Computer on Friday issued a patch for a security hole in Mac OS X that could have allowed hackers to take over vulnerable machines, but the company went out of its way to downplay the importance of the bug.

    Common Security Vulnerabilities in e-commerce Systems:

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    I've already changed my roomates homepage to

    Guess why?

    He thinks macs are invulnerable!

    MacCentral - Apple Computer Inc. issued an update on Friday to fix a reported security hole in its Safari Web Browser. The venerability, which was classified as "Extremely Critical" by security firm Secunia, allowed the execution of malicious code on the users computer.
    Sounds like a Mac Hijack.... ooooh I like the sound of that.

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    Your roomate must be one dumb non-tech buddie to think mac's are invulnerable. Yeah, maybe next to a M$ system maybe
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Sure of course its vulnerable to something. There is no denying that. But c'mon you gotta admit that so far it ain't as bad as peaple make it out to be. Seriously, who the hell goes online with full rights anyways... with Mac's auditing and policies set properly in place this would hardly even be considered a mild threat.

    Of course I could just be swating at a fly with a atomic bomb here sort of speak but... what Mac needs is more localized exploits and some remote buffer overflows.

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