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Thread: Running app's from cmd prompt

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    Running app's from cmd prompt

    If i want to run an application from the command prompt by typing its name into it, where abouts would I have to put the actual application?

    I am using xp pro


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    Anywhere .. you can put the file anywhere... You can just borwse up to the actual folder using the "cd" command where the file is in then type it's name ........

    hey are you trying to say like some execuatable files such as edit, Notepad you can just tye on the command and they open you want such a thing to happen to your execuatables right
    For that you can add the path of the Folder in to the command environment variable's path it's something like this say if you want to run a file test.exe which is stored in C:\temp\test\test.exe
    So you can add this path to the environment variable

    path=%path% ; C:\temp\test\

    now you can type test from anywhere it will find the file and run it...

    hope i got the question right

    --Good Luck--

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    hope i got the question right
    Did you ever that was exactly what I was looking for!

    I knew about the cchange directory command but it was becoming a real pain in the arse to do each time i wanted to run something! But now I have followd your instructions and added the folder with all the app's i needed to run so i can just type the command now!

    Thanks again its help me out loads!

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    It doesnt work after you have closed the open command prompt though.
    I have to type it in everytime i open cmd

    Is there somewhere I can save my app so it will run all the time by simply typing its name like you do with ping, tracert nbtstat etc etc?

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    In previous versions of Windows, you could make it so that a batch-file was executed whenever you opened the command prompt. In XP, they seem to have taken that option out, though...

    The easiest, least elegant way to do what you want to do, is this:

    - Open a command prompt.
    - Type path: this will give you the value of the path-variable, and the output should look something like this:

    ram Files\PC-Doctor for Windows\services
    I have no idea how to permanently add a path, but I'll take a look into it.
    For now, I'd just put your application in one of the directories already in the path (C:\WINDOWS for example).

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    OK, there is a pretty easy way to permanently change your path in XP:

    Go to Start --> Control Panel --> System.
    Go to the Advanced tab.
    Choose Environment Variables. In the lower window (called System Variables), find Path, click Edit, and voila...

    Hope this helps.

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    add this line to autoexec.bat. if there isn't one create one in c:\
    path = %path%;C:\folder_name
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    I don't know if this is good practice... but I'll often just drop a program in the c:\winnt\system or system32 dirs... I've yet to have a problem with that. Quick and easy... since those folders are already in my path. start from "run" line or from cmd

    These are normally utilities though... like hex editors or systernals utilities...
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