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Thread: firewall rules for a netgear Dg834G

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    firewall rules for a netgear Dg834G

    Ok heres the prob. I want to run a server on my computer. Its behind a netgear Dg834G router with the built in firewall enabled. the problem is if i log into it and try and write a new rule to allow this port i can only sleect from a list of popular ports or select Any port. Is there a way to just open one port (that isnt common) without opening the others up? thanks.

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    Do you mean," if I did a Google for "netgear Dg834G custom rules" would, in one of those links, find the following: dg834g_ref_manual.pdf??

    And once I figured out how to do it, could I come back here and put up a post like "Hey I just figured out how to do's how" and thus earn the admiration of other AO members?"

    That's what you really meant, right?

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    To add custom service.
    Go to service>>add custom service. Enter the required fields. Save changes.
    Then go to Firewall Rules>>add rule. The sevice you just created will now be listed>>set required rules.
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