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    Arrow Script Security Software

    Hello all...

    I was wondering if you guys could recommend any free script interceptors for Windows?

    I have tried:

    -Script Defender by AnalogX

    -ScripTrap by Robin Keir

    -Script Sentry by Jason's Toolbox

    -Volto Interceptor by Volto

    I would like to find something that offers more control than the interceptors listed above.

    I searched on Google, but couldn't find anything.


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    What OS,
    and what patches? MS does have some fixes for a variety of problems. Are you up to date?
    Then, what does a script do? Or what type of script? VB, javascript, j-script, etc...
    Some scripting can be disabled, depending on the app. IE, Word, Outlook, Outlook Exprez maybe. Are you looking for a prompt, certain denial, warning, etc.

    Maybe the answer is within your OS's help file. "Script" can be nasty or do many useful things. You choose, but you have to play, find out, otherwise define the problem from within your OS. It's an gives meaning to life...just joking.

    Script is a funny thing...

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    I never use it before.

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