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Thread: Cell tut?

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    Cell tut?

    right,I'd just like to know if anyone's interested in a cell phone tutorial..obviously phreaking'd not be welcome here,but just a general tut on how cell phone's work etc?

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    I'd be all for it, and welcome it with open arms.

    People forget that this is a place of information and understanding how it works. So, just as if I was explaining TCP/IP protocol and the RFC's with it, feel more than free to explain the cellphone system.

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    I say go for it, i'd be reallt interested in this sort of Tutorial..
    I'm interested in that area, so it would be cool


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    sure why not...go ahead. What exactly are you going to talk about? Do you have any specific knowledge on the fieldo or are you just going to do some research on it? A Cell phone tut would be cool. I work with them....i wanna see what else I can learn .

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    hey, you have as much right as everyone else to write any tutorial that you want!

    Write it and see what the feed back is like, I would like to read about how mobile phones work, its all knowlage at the end of the day and thats what we are here to get!

    Good luck with it!

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    yea i reckon its a good idea for a tutorial.
    Because of my job i know the ins and outs of land lines so it`d defently be good to learn about mobile phones as well.
    I know you not from britain but surely they most all work on the same principles in every country?

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    The layout is pretty much the same for every country. The model that is, but like TCP/IP there are varying protocols. But I'll leave the tut to therenegade Should be a good read.
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