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Thread: window script error

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    window script error

    when I login my system a error dialog box is appeared

    title="windows script host"
    message="c:\WINNT\SYSTEM\KERNEL32.DLL" FAILED (access is denied).
    what can be the reason.

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    It looks like some script is trying to do something to kernel32.dll which is considered very bad by the system which is stopping it.... You can't just mess with a running version of that file. Does the error give you any clue as to the script that is trying to access it? If so you can edit it and see what it is trying to do.... It might be fun to see......

    Since it's autostarting you could use Winpatrol to see what is starting automatically and then you should see the script. You will be able to disable the startup with Winpatrol too.
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    The following may be of some use to you. Wrom:

    Windows Script Host object modelThe Windows Script Host object model gives you a logical, systematic way to perform many administrative tasks. The set of COM interfaces that it provides has two main categories.

    Script execution and troubleshooting

    Properties and methods directly related to script execution. This set of interfaces allows scripts to perform basic manipulation of the Windows Script Host, display messages on the screen, and perform basic COM functions such as CreateObject and GetObject.

    Helper functions

    Properties and methods for performing actions such as mapping network drives, connecting to printers, retrieving and modifying environment variables, and manipulating registry keys. Administrators can also use the Windows Script Host helper functions to create simple logon scripts

    Object What you can do with this object
    WScript Set and retrieve command-line arguments
    Determine the name of the script file
    Determine the host file name (Wscript.exe or Cscript.exe)
    Determine the host version information
    Create, connect to, and disconnect from COM objects
    Sink events
    Stop the execution of a script programmatically
    Send information to the default output device (either a dialog box or the console)

    WshArguments Access the entire set of command-line arguments

    WshNamed Access the set of named command-line arguments

    WshUnnamed Access the set of unnamed command-line arguments

    WshNetwork Connect to and disconnect from network shares and network printers
    Map to and disconnect from network shares
    Access information about the user who is currently logged on

    WshController Create a remote script process using the Controller method CreateScript()

    WshRemote Remotely administer computer systems on a computer network
    Programmatically manipulate other programs and scripts

    WshRemote Error Access the error information that is available when a remote script (a WshRemote object) terminates as a result of a script error

    WshShell Run a program locally
    Manipulate the contents of the registry
    Create a shortcut
    Access a system folder
    Manipulate environment variables, such as WINDIR, PATH, or PROMPT

    WshShortcut Programmatically create a shortcut

    WshSpecialfolders Access any of the Windows special folders

    WshURLShortcut Programmatically create a shortcut to an Internet resource

    WshEnvironment Access any of the environment variables, such as WINDIR, PATH, or PROMPT

    WshScriptExec Determine status and error information about a script that is run with Exec()
    Access the stdIn, stdOut, and stdErr channels

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    If you are using windows XP you can also use MSCONFIG to check out your startup if you dont have winpatrol.

    I would also advise checking out this site for more information.
    microsoft technet
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