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Thread: check this out..

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    check this out..

    do this if you have xp... i'm not sure if it works on other versions...

    goto search > files and folders... type "catch me if you can" [without quotes]

    see what comes up..

    i know this is not a newbe security question but i did not know what to put it under..... i will delete this thread after a while so it does not take up space in this form

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    Am I missing something?
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    Uhm, I don't have XP but judging on 11001001's reaction, you think you might have found a bug or glitch in the system? I'm thinking you found one of those egg thingies that people talk about.
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    got nothing too. what is the expected result?
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    I'm moving this to GCC...

    I couldn't find anything either, even with all options turned on (system files, hidden files, within files,...).

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    i know this is not a newbe security question
    I wouldn't be too sure................I am running XP Pro SP1 and got nothing either.....................what happens on your machine.

    After all "catch me if you can" sounds like a challenge.............some sort of jokeware perhaps?


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    I think it's supposed to be this Easter Egg.

    The Original site that apparently "discovered" the Easter Egg. Now, looking at the date of the submitted Easter Egg, could a hotfix/service pack had fixed this "problem"?
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    Ahhh THAT'S what they're called.. Easter Egg's. Damn you MsM!
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    well i was using xp without service pack 1 (not my computer)....

    it is supposed to list all the files on your hard disk

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    I'm all patched up, and I didn't get anything either.
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