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Thread: Some valuable Unix Reference's

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    Some valuable Unix Reference's

    Greet'z AOer's. Lately I've been bored today and I was looking up some information so that I can continue to learn more about *nix and the like. Sure enough, I found another interesting link that I wanted to share with you guy's that I thought might help out some people with a wide range of topic's concerned with Unix. Their quick link's cover the following:

    Linux ABCs
    DOS vs. Unix
    UNIX commands
    UNIX Top 10 commands
    UNIX Shortcuts
    Linux variants
    UNIX variants
    UNIX / Linux History
    UNIX / Linux tips
    UNIX / Linux links
    Linux / Unix news
    Linux Q&A

    I suggest you visit and bookmark this site as a valuable *nix reference. Anyways, I'ma let you guy's explore the site for yourselves. It can be found here. Enjoy!
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    Well its certainly been added to my favorites, its quite a detailed siite, thanks!

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    No problem, I myself found it to be quite detailed and very useful. Figured I'd share it with the people's of AO.
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    One of the best Unix references I've had three copies of is the O'Reilly book "Unix in a nutshell" as well as Evi Nemeth's "Unix System Administrator's Handbook" (1 & 2). Those have been on my shelves forever!

    Got to meet Evi Nemeth at the 1999 LISA convention in Seattle, Washington as well as Tom Christiansen, Eric Allman (of the Sendmail variety), and some other people. Got their sigs on my registration paper and all! WOO!
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    Hope you won't mind me adding some Sun/HP-UX stuff to your thread...

    . - HP-UX Documentation
    . - HP-UX Administration Links
    . - Ports of popular software to HP-UX

    . - BigAdmin
    . - Solaris Administration guides and FAQ's
    . - Solairs Internals book site
    . - Sunsolve
    . - CERT Recommended Administration Practices

    General UNIX
    . - SAGE
    . - USENIX
    . -
    . -

    -- spurious
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    Very good reference's and website's, spurious_inode. All of which are good for new user's and advanced *nix user's alike. The CERT Recommended Admin practice's are great and very helpful (personal suggestion).
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