Hi all,

I'm setting up a machine for my girlfriend's father.

He is an electrician and does a LOT of side work.

His old PC finally died on him and we just went out and got him a new machine.
Its nothing fancy. Just does what he needs it to do.

The reps where he went were trying to sell him a top of the line machine and he'll never use 1/2 the features.

So, I went with him and got him a general run of the mills box thats good for internet, office applications, finance/book keeping, etc. Nothing overkill.. but it'll last him at least 3+ years. 2.8ghz/512MB ram/80GB HD/Burner/etc
(for $350 you can't beat it.. plus a new printer and 17inch monitor.. gotta love rebates)

I have quite a few office applications setup for him.

M$ Office Pro (general word processing/spreadsheets/etc)
M$ Project (manage tasks/time/etc)
M$ Visio (sketches of buildings/layouts)
Quicken Home and Business (manage finances/buiness accounts/etc)
Paper Port Pro (Scanning and Faxing software)
OmniScan Pro (so he can keep/modify copies of papers)

He will be using Outlook for contact management, calendar, e-mail, etc.
We'll be setting up/syncing a palm pilot for on the go contact management/calendar/etc.

For protection... we're using Norton Internet Security/AV
Locked down box/policy
Disabled unneeded services
Disable/Delete unneeded UIDs
Multiple UIDs and PWDs for different users and groups (his wife will also be using it for internet)
ACLs on filesystem with only myself and him as Admins
Encryption on important/private files like quicken data files
Updates/Service Packs and patches for every application I could find them for
He is on dial up and won't be using the internet too much...

Are there any "Must Get" applications that are either free or low cost that would help him out?

I'm thinking along the lines of inventory mgt.
Software that will act as a business answering machine with multiple messages available.
Any software that you feel would be helpful?