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Thread: plyometrics

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    for those of you who may be interested, there is a reasonable decent site dedicated to plyometrics here ---->

    i found it while looking for a program to increase mine and my girlfriends vertical leap for when we play volleyball

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    Huh, that is fun. I did all that junk for Soccer. Jumps of interest:

    Calf jump: "Hands behind head, legs straight and do 3 sets of 20 jumping about a foot with just ankles"
    Knees to chest: "Jump as freaking high as you can and clap under your knees"
    Frog jumps: "Jump as far as you can with your feet together for about 100 yards"

    That was my coaches rough description of the three. I did that crap 3 times a week during off season
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    Football leg workout- free weight squats, straight leg deadlifts, oscar, and 10 10's!

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