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Thread: cannot get dhcp address (MAC bridge)

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    cannot get dhcp address (MAC bridge)

    I am using compaq presario 2100 notebook using windows xp home , with wireless LAN, and ethernet card build in.. I connect them both using MAC bridge setup in winxp:

    The settings in the MAC bridge are:
    -( / ) Clients For Microsoft Network - set to Windows locator
    -( / ) File and printer sharing for microsoft network
    -( / ) QoS Packet Scheduler
    -( / ) Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) - i set up this setting to Obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS server automatically

    My problem is that i cannot get ip address from the dhcp server in my school (where supposely i should get it without any registering) i just have automatic private address. The wierd thing is when i check the status on my ethernet card, it kept receiving packets continously (to thousand and millions, maybe the server send something) but nothing happened and not sending any packet.. and on the bridge status, it sends abt 100-200 packets and then it stop sending..

    When i try to repair connection, it reply "The following steps of operation failed: renewing IP address"

    I also tried configuring the IP address manually, with IP, dns server, net mask and gateway setup.. i got in the network, but not the internet connection.

    so how can i get it on with dhcp assigned ip? i am confused


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    Hey Hey,

    If it works fine from home, and only not while at school the first question I'd ask myself is, "Do I use DHCP at home"... if yes....then I'd say they are using filtering software. At my college certain areas are open to students, however others require you register with your username and password and others are just MAC address filtered.. only certain MACs get access. I'd contact your Network Admin and ask him/her why you can't obtain an address. The DHCP server may answer certain requestions, your firewall may be blocking their DHCP server (this happened to a student in res. his firewall was set to allow DHCP only from the VLAN he was on.. he moved to a different room.. no VLAN and suddenly no IP Address)... There are many possibilities and you best bet is to follow up with those in charge of the network.


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