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Thread: formatting hard disk ...

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    formatting hard disk ...

    hello all ...

    first of all, i have to say a couple of things, as this is my first post here ...

    i ve been looking around antionline the last month... its a really cool site... interesting topics and interesting answers also !

    to tell u the truth, i dont really like computers, even though my studies where related to it ...

    i almost didnt use a pc for the last 18 months as i was in the army ...

    now, i got a job and im starting from the beggining again ...

    So , i decided that following the trends , i have to install Win XP in my pc ...

    i did such a thing last week and now i run both 2000 Professional + XP and i thing that its not a good idea really ... my computer seems to have a hard time and now i want to format my HD and install XP from the begging ... and here i need some advice ... i mean which are the steps i have to follow ?

    i dont think that XP supports the option ''restatr from MS-DOS mode'' ...

    so should i have to create a startup disk, bboot from a: and do format c: + setup ?

    i ll do a search at google or microsoft later but i can really use some advice here ...

    thanx in advance and sorry for my english !


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    Yes i would advise you use a windows98 boot-up Disk(a:\)
    • Boot your PC from windows98 Bootup disk
    • it has two options Boot using CD-ROM Support Or Without CD-ROM support ... Use With CD ROM support.
    • IF you want to remove Partiations and create them again use Fdisk. to do it
    • Remove/Create partations if necessary;
    • Fromat the newly created partations.
    • then install the windows XP. Insert the XP CD into the Drive
    • Goto D:\ (assuming it is the CD drive type "cd Winnt"enter
    • then type"cd i386" press enter
    • Type "winnt" pres enter the setup will start copying file into the hard dsisk..

    it's really easy and uncomplicated . if you have any problem doing feel free to ask.

    You can create Boot Disk Form Here Of every kind . This thing Is sure very Helpful When you don't have the Actual OS to create the Boot Disk..Boot Disks (System Disks)

    --Good Luck--


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    Do you have an updated copy of XP or a from scratch copy? The cost of the upgrade copy of windows XP pro is $200, xp home is $100. A from scratch copy of pro costs $300 and a from scratch copy of home is $200. These are the prices of the boxed versions, OEM versions come in (for lack of a better term) cardboard folders with no books or documentation, all OEM copies are from scratch installs.

    So, you must be asking yourself... Why does this matter?

    You said you ran XP over 2000, so that would mean you upgraded from 2000 to xp, right? The bad news is, if you spent the money on an upgrade version, you would have to install win 2000 before "upgrading" to XP. So you would have to go out and buy a copy another copy of XP. Sucks, doesn't it?

    As for how to format the disk, there is no problem there. You could use a bootable floppy (which you can create from windows, or download a program from but your computer might be able to boot from the CD-rom drive automatically. Check your computer's documentation for instructions (you would need to change BIOS settings). But since you've shown your displeasure at configuring computers, it would be easier to use boot floppys.

    This is the link to get the program that will make bootable floppys for the install:

    On a side note, if your computer has 128mb or less, you would want to upgrade to at least 256mb before the install. Actually, upgrading to 256mb of ram might help you out enough that you won't have to install from scratch at all.

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    Simple, you need a bootdisk so make one.

    Boot into dos making sure your CD/ROM drive is loaded,
    run FDISK and delete the necessary partitions . if your partitions were NTFS, then your in problems.
    Coz FDISK normally only recognizes FAT & FAT16
    it'll also only partition 2gb of space a time,
    Once you've followed the instructions and restarted the machine you'll need to format the active partition and any other partitions u created using fdisk
    from their own run the setup program from the OS cd which you want to install and bingo!
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    thanx a lot 4 the replies ... the links u guys supplied seems really helpful ...

    i ll try it a tonight and i ll let u know if i have the desirable results ...

    its been a long since i try such a thing , i was running Win 98 and upgraded to Me ... anyway the experiment will NOT take place to my PC, its my sisters' so if anything goes wrong , i dont really care !!!!!!!!

    and 'annihilator' , dont worry ... i didnt spend a single euro to obtain the upgrade version ...

    time to go ... work is ove 4 today ... time for a coffee under the famous greek sun !

    thnx again and see u all around ...

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    Why use a bootdisk? If you have a full version (not sure about the upgrade version) of XP and your BIOS supports it you can boot directly from the CD. It'll ask you where you want to install so you can remove/recreate your partitions as needed.
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