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Thread: Programming Languages Survey

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    Programming Languages Survey

    Hello All :
    C'mon, voice out the programming language which you like the most .
    If your choice is 'other', please tell which one...If possible a brief reason why ..

    My fovourite is C++. I think its very flexible, 'n we can do almost any kind of program.
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    I have done most of my programming in java. It was the first language I ever used. I've had 3 classes in it and I'm beginning to be good at it. I think my next class is in C though. That will be interesting. I believe that whatever you start with and get accustomed to is probably your favorite language. I would love to work a little with each though.

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    Err, C doesn't seem to be on that list, surprising seeing as it's probably the most used (or at least most heavily relied upon) language.
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    PHP is my fav.
    I enjoy the ability to write powerful applications really quickly and I think PHP provides for that quite nicely, plus its free!
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