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Thread: P2P Router

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    P2P Router

    Ok this has partially to do with my router..this is the problem

    When I'm on my Network:
    DirectConnect++: Can download but cannot get server list
    Kazaa: Can get search results and everything else but cannot connect to any users

    When I'm directly connected through my DSL modem:
    DirectConnect++: Everything Works
    Kazaa: Everything Works

    So the thing is that it has to do something with my network/router when im connected to p2p software, it is not my software firewall i already tested that
    anymore suggestions what the cause of this might be? oh and plz include a bit of insteructions on how to change it, im just getting used to a network

    hahha nevermind people...this **** still isnt working, its all the same like when im on network, i cant connect to any kazaa users...are any of u experiencing this or is it just me?

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    It's probably a hardware firewall built into your router. My router firewall uses a login screen to login and change preferences like which ports to allow connections to and such. I'm assuming it's the same for you?

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    Who's your DSL provider? They may block ports. Try running everything through 80. It's an option in the p2p software.
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    Well Kazaa is a dieing breed my friend. I don't use the P2P anymore, but my sister just discovered a new one called Ares or something like that. There is also Filetopia, SLSK, Blubster, IRC, and yadda and more yadda.

    Kazaa = virus producer = RIAA :-D
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    What about port triggering in the router ?

    what kind of router is it i was getting the same problem as you with bittorrent and eMule and port triggering was the problem the router was dropping all incoming requests on those ports so that stopped me downloading from p2p
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    You need to you nead to set a firewall rule to exept incoming connections, on the default ports that the p2p software uses. Or change the port that your client uses, and then set the firewall rule accordingly.

    As for direct download++, I found this for you:
    1 You need to forward one port (select a number between 1024 - 65535, they should mostly all be free. The default port is 1412, but it is wise to select a unique one) and make sure both UDP and TCP is forwarded.

    2 The IP that you are forwarding to should be the internal IP address of your DC++ computer. It usually begins with "192.168", "172.16." or "10.x.". Go to the command prompt and type: ipconfig

    3 When you have mapped a port, you need to open up DC++ and go to the settings. Where you select active mode, in the port field, enter the port number that you are forwarding on the router.

    4 In the IP field, you need to enter the external IP address of your router. This can easily be checked on here.

    point number 1 and 3 says I need to fill in a number in that box, the number of the port I forwarded right? Well I'm probably wrong then..
    I thought this was the reason why i cant search and download, only search in passive mode. What could be the reason for that?
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    thanks all for the i have tried being on DSL modem itself and it works fine but when i connect to my 'linksys' router it wont let me do anything now...not even connect to any users now on DC++, i can still connect to its hubs though but also cant get server list.

    i think i got the forwarding set right? and the port triggering also
    and uh i got 2 ips is ethernet and the other is PPP adaptor to SBC global connection....the ethernet is static and the ppp connection is this summosed to be like this?

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    looks like i didnt set it using linksys router and im on forwarding screen now...
    there are all empty forwarding boxes with stuff like Ext. Port (From X to X) TCP and UDP checkboxes, IP Adress and a enable checkbox. Also below all that are 2 buttons 1 for triggering ports and othe one says UPnP Forwarding and has many built-in forwarding?, none of them enabled...

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    Do not under any circumstances enable UPnP...

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    Do linksys use mentor software in their routers? I think I read that somewhere. If that's true, I've sometimes noticed with my mentor router that it doesn't always update its settings when you make changes to it. What I found it that after making changes I needed to choose the reset router option on the config page to get the changes to work, especially with port forwarding.

    Please note, I'm not talking about manually resetting the router by pressing the reset "button" on the outside of the router; that'll kill all your settings. On my router, at least, there is a reset option in the software that resets the router but keeps all the settings.


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