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Thread: Principal Surprised That Teen Would Enjoy Pie Toss

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    Principal Surprised That Teen Would Enjoy Pie Toss

    LAKESIDE, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio high school honor student — who won a drawing allowing him to throw a pie in his principal's face — has now been expelled until winter, after allegedly throwing it too hard.

    He might even face criminal charges. The principal's assault complaint has been referred to prosecutors.

    Authorities say he threw the pie with such force, it caused Danbury High School Principal Karen Abbott's head to snap back.

    The 15-year-old student's parents are appealing the 80-day expulsion that will keep their son out of school until next winter. They point out that their son's grade point average tops 3.4 — and they say his education is at stake.

    The pie-throwing event was part of a fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society
    I think it's the principals fault for not installing a pie throwing HANSS Device before hand.
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    The principal should stop whining.
    She knew damned well what she was doing when she went into it. If she didn't want a pie in the face, why'd she agree to it?
    It's like going to a hockey game. You know that there is a chance, albeit a small one, that you could get hit in the face with a puck. The management takes no responsibility if this happens, because you knew about that eventuality when you sent to the game.
    This is the same situation.
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    This one disturbs me, hopefuly the judge throws it out of court..
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    another stupid case for the americain courts. This one is nearly as bad as the 5 year old kid who was convicted of sexual harresment or assault, i forget which, because he kissed one of his little girl friends in the play yard.
    I can tell you when I was in school our principle wouldn't have been stupid enought to put himself in that position. At least not with out a crash helmet. I can see it now --- "Really sir I dont know how the horse shoe got into the pie. Must have of fallen in when they were making it."
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    "Principal Surprised That Teen Would Enjoy Pie Toss" why was she surprised? :twisted:

    Rofl, This is belongs in Tech Humor. I hate people without common sense. I hate hairy women too .

    Nice find.

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