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Thread: stumped.

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    Ok this isn't really a problem i'm just stumped..

    here it is..
    I've been running XP on one of my other boxes for months now, anyhow just 2 days ago it started crashing just after booting.
    So i thought that it might of been a stuffed up version of XP.
    (It does happen a lot with the stuff i do).
    Anyhow i checked everything ran system recovery but still the Computer insisted on crashing.
    I then asked a mate if he could take a looksie cause i was stumped.
    anyhow he suggested that my Mother Board either doesn't like XP or that maybe it just doesn't like the processor that is in it.
    (pen 3 - 450Mhz)
    So anyhow this is the part that get's me puzzled.
    He popped the casing and moved a jumper on the MotherBoard and then Re-Booted the Box, and on the bios screen it said that it was now a pen 3- 300Mhz
    Then the next thing i know the damned thing has booted into XP and purring like a kitten again..
    So my question is..
    How the f**K can a processor can go from 450Mhz to 300Mhz by moving a jumper over to another pin?


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    Remember the "Turbo" button that computers used to have? They slowed it down so you could still play your old games on that blazing fast 386. It's kind of the same idea. Looks like you're on to a new hobby - underclocking (

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    Thanks for the link jonathans_daddy.
    Yes your right looks like i got some more investigatin to do, but i'm still puzzled with how the fruit the processor dropped so much..


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    I remember in the days of 386/486 processors you set jumpers to tell the system the processor speed, and sometimes the amount of RAM. The BIOSes were pretty basic in those days.

    Have a look in the BIOS and see if you have an option to set the clock multiplier. If you don't then I guess you have a MoBo like one of those?

    I know on more modern boards that support Athlon and Duron processors there is a MoBo jumber to set the speed to either 100MHz (Duron) or 133MHz (Athlon). You then set the clock multiplier to get the correct processor speed

    If you are at 100MHz with a clock multiplier of 4.5 you get 450MHz processsor speed . If I drop that to 66MHz, I get a speed of 297MHz which is your 300 +/- 5%

    So I guess your mate set it to 66MHz.........can you see that in the BIOS? the multiplier 4.5?

    Hope that helps

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    1000mhz or better. amd or intell.XP should only be ran on that.Although I have ran it on pen3 450 and had little problems. If you over clock or over voltage the processor you can ruin it, plus it will show you that its running at a different speed then what it is. I can't believe you guys didnt know this.

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    I do not believe the machine was overclocked, rather it is underclocked right now?

    The "official requirement" is a 233MHz with 64Mb of RAM. (ROFLMAO)

    I think that XP runs quite adequately on machines with a PIII/833MHz, people tend to hit problems with too little RAM, particularly if they upgrade from Win98SE (which is considerably less demanding). I would say 256Mb for average home use and 512Mb for any gaming.

    At 733MHz and lower I wold look to WIN2000Pro or WIN98SE

    I am assuming that you don't want to try a Linux distro here?


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    thats funny your (lmao). I love when people put that crap in there post. Personally let me know when you can run xp on any computer that has cpu of 233. Because the last I checked a box with a 233 cpu only had capablilty of max 256 simm ram so Im laughing my ass off no really. I don't know bout australia or brittain mattey!! But here in the worthless ole US of A you can buy 2100mhz amd and any mother board to run it and brandnew for 100.00 (doll hairs) So instead of bickering bout specs mattey!! go out and up grade, or I can ship it to ya!!!

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    My comment on specifications was from the M$ opinion is obviously different.

    Yes, you can get stuff in the States at a half or less than we have to pay. Even with the importation taxes I have sourced some useful purchases from your place

    I do some unpaid work for charities, providing PCs for old, infirm, educationally subnormal and underprivileged people. The boxes are donated by corporations, so I have some experience of upgrading them.

    Going out and buying new boxes is NOT an option, I am sad to say, I only wish that it were.

    Because the last I checked a box with a 233 cpu only had capablilty of max 256 simm ram
    Errrrrrr WRONG! I have one that will take 512MB.............remember, that is the maximum that 9x/ME is stable at? Hell I have a Digital Venturis 5133 ..........thats a PI/133MHz, and that will take 6x64Mb 72 pin EDO Ram strips! (That makes 384) OK I know of several of that era that will only take 256Mb of RAM, but as soon as you get into PIIs you are looking at 384 or 512Mb.

    Also remember that a machine that will run a PII/ 333MHz will almost certainly accept a 233...........and even a 450................these boxes tend to go to 384Mb.

    I guess that what you are saying is that if 233 is the Max, then you will not get a lot of RAM?

    Think about it, if 233 is the max, they won't be SIMMs?, anyways I would expect 384 for a 233MHz processor and a decent MoBo?

    Anyway, what are you doing arguing with an old guy whose hobby happens to be messing with these things? You are quite right, get a new one.............

    Have you seen the systems specifications for Longhorn, by the way

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    No but im sure you'll show me I wasnt tyring to be a smartypants I just get annoyed when people say there laughing at my remarks only becuase its not practical to run a 32bit operating system on a computer that slow, yea you can do it, you can do anything you want just not practical...

    and my professor is running longhorn on 450 pIII..go figure

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    just an FYI... My only WinDoze box is a Celeron 350 w/ 96 MB's of RAM running WinXP.

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