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    what are some fun war game sites

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    very common topic on AntiOnline, I would try a search.

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    There is a list of close to 40 sites in this thread. The only one I've tryed is the first one, it was a long time ago but I remember it being fun.

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    what are you looking for a Wargame website on how to set one up and going about running it or one of them hack and learn websites?

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    for some other cool hacking simulations/games i like it has a wargames section popular section etc. theres a really cool computer game wargame kinda thing called UPLINK I was a total addict. its defineteley worth the money. you can get it or the demo at works on windows/linux/mac
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    The best site I have found in a while is it has a multitude of challenges

  7. #7 is cool if you can apply and get your team admitted, of course i havent gotten admitted, but it looks cool!
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