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Thread: Usb storage autorun

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    Usb storage autorun

    Does anybody here know of a way that i can enable autorun on my Fujifilm 128 mb removable USB drive. This has been aggrevating me for a long time now. I understand that there are programs out there that you can run on your own machine that will enable it but i am looking to be able to just walk up to any computer, pop it in, and have something run. Much like a floppy disk or cd-rom. Any help at all would be very much appreciated, thank you.
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    well when you plug it in, do you get a Removal Drive in "My Computer". You should ....I have a USB removable flash memory drive, when i pop it in, i get a Removal Drive(G in my computer, right click it, go to my properties, and click the Autoplay tab, then select what action you want the computer to make when you pop-in the drive (open as folder, play slideshow, whatever option there are ...)

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    i am looking to be able to just walk up to any computer, pop it in, and have something run. Much like a floppy disk or cd-rom

    You have really answered your own question when you mentioned floppies and CDs. A lot of computers have autodetect for the CD enabled, but it is an option. AFAIK the floppy drive is not "clever" enough to autodetect, so If you have found a way of doing that I, for one, would be very interested to know how.

    USB is nothing like as standard as a floppy or CD so you need to load the software for most devices first. As MemorY pointed out, this is then "mounted" as a new drive (usually "G") When you want to take the device out, you have to "dismount" or "remove it" in the software (normally a little icon in the system tray) You should then get a message "it is now safe to remove this device" message.

    OH, I am taking you literally when you say "any computer", rather than ones you have pre-prepared?

    Hope that helps

    EDIT: My point is that the computer has to be prepared to recognise the USB device first. If you just stick a USB device into any old computer it won't be recognised, so it does not matter what is on the USB drive itself.

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