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    I am sitting here posting to Anti through a jury-wrigged connection from hades.I have a pentium 1 setup running RH 7.1 with a 33.6 modem and an ethernet card that is connecting two other conputers. We sshed into the pentium from the other two and then out to unix shell accounts to surf the web....I wish i had money for a 56k modem or that DSL would reach out here in the boonies. Now tell me is the post aptly titled? lol
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    What are the technical specs of the machines?

    I think that you would have to use *nix to get that working anything like reasonable? GUIs are great resource gobblers.

    I have an old PI/133MHz that I upgraded just for fun. 320Mb RAM, 60Gb and 14.4Gb drives, Rockwell 56.6 modem. SiS 32Mb PCI graphics card, It boots Win98SE at the moment. I have gotten it to benchmark within 12% of a PII/266 with 128Mb, but I did "cheat" and put WinME on the PII.

    I also have ethernet cards, and a pile of old networking stuff I haven't even looked at. As well as legit copies of Win3.11 for workgroups, NT4.0 and Novell Netware..............

    Hey, sounds like a bit of fun?

    Maybe attach a couple of 486s to it?

    I also have an old IBM PC350 can mount a 386 or 486 processor........I used an Intel "Overdrive" 486/66 as that is the best the MoBo supports.............this one is a SCSI box with 200Mb and 2Gb drives! I know I have a 28.8 ISA modem is all ISA.

    I guess you do it out of neccessity...............I do it for fun another "sad b*****d"


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    I've gotta be the saddest bastard of them all though Nice specs
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    I have about 50 386's in my warehouse and few 486's I am thinking about making a woosy super computer type deal with them or turning them into a massive cluster haha it would be a fun project with alot of wires and fun.

    - Adiz

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