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Thread: router giving me trouble

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    router giving me trouble

    hello everybody, once again i have run into a problem that i think all you wonderfull people at OA can help me learn from...

    i just set up a home network...... it goes.

    Me >>>> netgear router NAT/Firewall >>>>>>>> cable modem

    ok here is my quory... i use imesh preamium on my computer. but once i plug in the firewall i "can" connect to imesh but i can't download anything (not as much as i could befor) things que alot more when i am behind the firewall... how can i fix this????

    i've looked at imeshes website but all it say is "if you can't connect to imesh do this" but i can connect to imesh i just can't download.......

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    Let's see. Did you open up the port(s) in your router nat.

    If you did. Maybe you should check if it uses multiple ports I know Bittorrent does. If that's the case open those up in your nat too.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    The problem may be that because you're behind a fire wall you can't connect to the majority of people with the "information" you want. one solution is to turn off your firewall when you are downloading, of course this somewhat defeats the purpose of the firewall. You can also lower the security settings, and like stated above check which ports are needed to be opened. Also check to be sure your firewall is allowing traffic from iMesh to flow freely.
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    Junk the imesh and go with emule.

    Download emule

    Forward these ports in your router console:

    Trigger Port Range: 4660~4712
    Incoming Port Range:4660~4712

    Should be all set then...

    The answers to your question are prolly better off being asked here:

    iMesh forums

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