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Thread: online live radio...

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    Question online live radio...

    I have a programmer that wants to listen to an online radio program from russia...i think its called . as of now the ports are block for that traffic.
    can you guys help me with some logical reasons why she shouldnt be listening to this on the network?
    does it kill bandwidth? how about any security risks?

    Thanks, J
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    I cant tell you if it will kill your BW because i dont know what is your BW.
    Its not a BW hungry (28k will be fine)
    But if its a corporate link, i cant see a reason why he would receive that access...
    ask him:
    Is your need Business Related?
    No? so F.... you and buy a Radio (or a CD player) and stop annoying me with this kind of request...

    /after edit
    Due some guys annoying me about i flame the thread starter (i didnt do that, but some guys are really "fast" to flame me) i rewrote comment:
    ask him:
    you: "Is your need Business Related?"
    programmer: "No" (probably)
    you: "No? so F.... you and buy a Radio (or a CD player) and stop annoying me with this kind of request..."

    (2nd) edit - Of course all here will understand this as a metaphore..
    /end of edit

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    Actually, rather than being rude to the programmer, point out that the Acceptable Use Policy and Security Policy disallow users from that kind of activity. They would have agreed to those things when they signed on and if your company, a bank, doesn't have one, you have something that has to be created before doing anything else.
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    the only real problem i can see is if you make an exception for her you'll have to make and exception for some one else and so on and so on. its amazing how childish some seemingly mature people can be. if your happy with your usage policy stick to it.
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