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Thread: Hex???

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    what is hex and how can i edit it and read it ??????/

    and can i stick two programs together using a hex editor

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    From our old friend Google.........(hex)

    Page 1: 5th entry.

    read and remember
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    The short answer is that Hex[idecimal] (base 16) is just a number system; like Decimal (base 10), Octal (base 8), and Binary (base 2). It is used in computers because it is relatively close to the way most processors actually do math, and is easily converted to base 2, the processors native language. And no, just knowing how to count in Hex or use a Hex editor does not yield instantaneous software cracking/hacking abilities. So sorry.

    For the long answer, follow foxyloxey's advise and google up some knowledge on Hexidecimal.

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