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Thread: need help from all u old comp tech fans

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    need help from all u old comp tech fans

    i have an apple 2e here with a dual 5.25 disk drive apple 2 5.25 drive and a apple 3.5 drive and i have it going through my tv......i want to get some games * ionly have cribbage and chess for it now * and some programs for it but i cant find any sites ...i plan on going to replay *used comps/games/game councles ect* tomorrow to see if they have anything but if u have any likes to these sites or have any urself plese contact me

    and one last question
    if i find a rom file for an apple 2e emulator...can i use something like rawrite and put it on disk and use it or is it a different format

    and to close with a poll
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    I was on a quest a whiles back and ran into a bunch of old apple software, i cannot remember the urls but i was using search terms with the name of an old game, zork + abandon ware. There are a few sites i found with loads of apple II stuff so it is out there. The zork + abandon ware or zork + abandonware search will definetley get you going in the right direction. Try anygame you want instead of zork and it will likely show up.

    I still play taipan once in a while , some kind person ported it to bsd (/usr/ports/games/taipan) and it still has the first game hack i ever discovered. ( if you pay back the money lender more than you owe, he will pay the same interest on the balance owed to you as you pay to him, chiching )
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