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Thread: Problem installing Linux on laptop (Centrino)

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    Problem installing Linux on laptop (Centrino)

    Hi friends,

    I tried installing RedHat 8 on my laptop which uses a centrino processor. During installation, after I used Druid disk to specify partitions, it told me something like my architecture does not support proper booting and advised to create a boot disk. Though I tried different ways, nothing worked. So I continued installing and completed fine.
    But then when I tried booting, the kernel hung after it checked for the PCI. So, this time I booted the system with the installation disk in 'linux rescue' mode. Now, I found that the system was looking for the hard disk where it hung when using my hard disk installation.
    What shall I do about it....


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    i'm running red hat 9 on my centrino laptop and it works fine, so i doubt that is the problem...

    go for more info about linux on laptops to

    and b.t.w. let us know which laptop it is....

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