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Thread: SP2 - CNet Explorers

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    SP2 - CNet Explorers

    Microsofts Service Pack 2, planned for release this summer, is Microsoft's attempt to make a more secure OS out of the box. New Security Center application provides easy to use controls to check the systems status. The XP firewall that is off by default is now set to on by default and has connection warnings. The firewall and antivirus options will be able to communicate with third party apps to check status. Outlook express also receives an update where certain attachments will be disabled. Learn more in this CNet video:

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    I have XPSP2 RC1 active for several weeks now, and am thrilled. I'm not running any other firewall product either. Its on a stand alone box config for the time being.

    I'm afraid that it is a double edged sword. Since the install/update I haven't spent any time
    messing around with 3rd party firewall software, which means I'm not breaking my box as often. That inevitably results in my not learning much about it of know...hands on
    is the best teacher. I may just have to get the box with Win 2K Server online, throw some innocuous web-content into IIS and expose myself again. Hah, a frightening thought...

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    I have play alot with SP2 RC1. I'm have a nice report that I need to finished for AO.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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