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Thread: block websites...

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    block websites...

    Hey, a quick question....its come to my attention that certain others who use my computer have been visiting sites that I do not wish them to acess (which has resulted in a significant amount of malware being downloaded) Now, I was wondering if any of you know of any Free programs that could be used to block acess to websites (preferably ones that would simply block all porn sites, and warez sites), and if possible one that operates discreetly. In addition If you know of any programs that can be used to lock individuals and folders on the computer I'd love to hear about em.

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    IE-SPYAD puts over 4000 sites in your restricted zone so you'll be protected when you visit innocent-looking sites that aren't actually innocent at all.

    Might help a little

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    Might not be an option for you - but I use a linux gateway with squid and dansguardian along with transparent proxying set up.

    Not only does is block the sites you mention (porn/warez), but dansguardian is highly configurable and I can block any site or extension files I dont want the kids to access such are .zip, .exe .mp3 .avi, etc, etc .. simply by updating the blacklist config files - it works a treat, it keeps my monthly download quota in check and the MPAA and RIAA off my back

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    IE-Spyad is a *great* thing to have when running IE, but you could also try finding a hosts file that is made for this purpose...I know there are hosts files for ad site blocking, maybe some for crapware/porn too?

    as to locking people out of folders and such, try Blowfish ACS, located here:

    if you're using Windows 2000 or XP, you might try giving them limited-access accounts...

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    i have a hosts file which blocks ads and spyware and stuff

    location of hosts files:
    Windows NT (NT/XP/2000) - C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
    Windows 9x (98/ME) - C:\WINDOWS
    Note: The hosts file has no file extension ... it is named hosts

    the zip with the hosts files is attached, just replace the file with mine, its fairly good and keeping spyware etc. out it blocks *some* adult sites. Hope you like it make a backup of your old hosts file incase you want to go back.
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    Originally posted here by unit321
    just replace the file with mine, its fairly good and keeping spyware etc. out it blocks *some* adult sites. Hope you like it make a backup of your old hosts file incase you want to go back.
    Uh, it might not be a good idea to just replace the file. Some programs might have put stuff in there and if it gets erased, they might malfunction. Instead, just copy and paste the text below what's already in the hosts file.


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    Just use any 'perental control' software. Norton internet security 2004 has that feature.

    By the way.... incase noone has noticed, if in norton's parental control you have disallowed sites under the category 'crime', AO is blocked

    Bad bad AO

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    Let me add to unit321's post and provide you with a link to get the latest list on a monthly basis... go here for the latest:

    Attached latest...

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    Thanks guys I have been looking for a good hosts file for a long time.


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    And you can always append changes to it. I used to have a shortcut to it on a desktop for the computers we monitored at a library. Each Hosts file was mapped... made it easy to update them.

    On a side note... I just noticed the ads at the bottom of AO... "learn to create and use buffer overflows" ... ?!
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