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Thread: checking for firewall

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    Question checking for firewall

    How do you check to see if you have a firewall?
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    I'd pop over to and run an online scan on your machine.

    If you have open ports all over the place there is a fair chance you haven't got one or it hasn't been activated.

    As for where to look on your machine for a firewall .... what is it Windows/Linux/Other ?

    Sorry, your question is way too generic to give a specfic answer.

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    Wait, check to see if you have a firewall on your OWN machine? I don't understand, wouldn't you know if you installed it? Are you talking about if a firewall is installed that you didn't install? Run your OS's respected program manager and see what's running. If you see a firewall you know then yes. Or you could post your finding's here and I'll help ya determine if ya do or not. Otherwise your question is very confusing and simplistic.
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    assuming your using windows-

    If you have WinXP installed you could check to see if it (your firewall) is enabled.


    If you have any other version of windows you would know it was installed because it would be third party.

    If that`s what your asking.

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    More than likely he is behind a college or business router and wants to know if he is indeed behind them.

    If that is the case, then go to start --> run --> and type cmd

    then type ipconfig

    if your ip address starts with 192 and up, then yes you are behind a router.

    If the above isn't what you meant, then read the above stuff.
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