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Thread: Sweet Moses, If you run XP go here now

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    Sweet Moses, If you run XP go here now

    This is the most detailed list of XP hacks out there. Trust me there are a whole bunch of good ones.
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    Wow! I'm definitely adding this one to mjk's guide to computers and security. Under the windows tweak section. Thanks!


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    Appreciate the link, but a heads-up for the weary:

    Simply applying registry tweaks and OS configurations for preformance and security, without knowing how and why they do what they do, is about as dangerous as mixing two unknown substances together in a chemistry lab. Things may work, they may not work. And if you blow up the room you will have no idea why, and no idea how to prevent the explosion in the first place.

    The above link is a great resources for those already familiar with RegEdit, but a deadly trap of 'insta-configs' (aka, configs in a bottle ((gotta rub me the right way, baby?)) ) that newer users to XP should avoid until they have a better grasp of XP itself. Below are some links I've provided for Windows XP newbies to stick their feet in before attempting deep system changes (ie. regedit keys), giving them a firmer foundation in which to test and explore on. Know how the OS works, and you can forsee that which will help the OS, and that which may seem to help it but in fact does not.

    Regedit tutorials for a better understanding of RegEdit. What it is, and how it works:

    Basic XP tutorials. How it works, how to configure, and what configurations do.

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    Nice post pooh. I agree that although some registry tweaks are easy and painless, sometimes something can go wrong. And if you don't know anything about it, it's hard to fix it.

    It's always a good idea to back up your registry before you make any big modifications. To do this in regedit, on the menu bar click Registry -> Export Registry File and save it wherever you want. In the case that something goes wrong, you can just open up regedit again and go Registry -> Import Registry File and your original settings will be restored.


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    Wow, good list. Thanks LB!!!

    Along lines Pooh said...ADVANCED USERS ONLY!

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    Sweet link, thanks for the post..
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    hmmm a coupleof new reg hacks.and trick..
    The good olé ¨clear page file on shutdown¨ should be renamed F@#$#@g_slow_shutdown

    And yes that list should be grouped.. nessecary, handy, ok, only if needed, and with extreem caution, oh and just because I can OK..

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    As pooh noted, is an excellent resource for Windows XP.

    For users wanting information on how the latest MS update may effect their system, check out:

    More "tweaking" tips:
    There are separate guides covering just about everything on your system (e.g. startup, internet explorer, system configuration, memory usage, etc.) which take you step by step and detail the authors reasoning behind each particular adjustment plus your options.

    Need repair info?

    For the Advanced User, wanting data on slipstreaming XP and burning CDs:

    Hopefully someone may find these sites useful as well.

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