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Thread: Mplayer unable to plat .DAT file!

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    Mplayer unable to plat .DAT file!


    OS:Redhat 9

    I wonder have i been using the correct method to run mplayer on VCD from CDROM.

    1) I insert the VCD into the CDROM drive.
    2) The CDROM Icon appears on Desktop.
    3) Double click and navigate to /mnt/cdrom/mpegav/music.dat
    4) R'click music.dat and open with "mplayer".
    5) Nothing Happen. Movie screen does not pop Up!
    6) Works fine for WMV and MPG but DAT isn't

    How do i solve this prob!

    Will to Learn

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    Mplayer handles vcd's without a problem - run gmplayer on the commandline should bring up the mplayer gui, if not you may have to install gmplayer. Keep an eye on that open console it should report any problem mplayer has rendering the video file you want to play.

    If you can open the mplayer gui, check your preferences in mplayer to make sure its video settings are correct for your system (xv or X11 for instance), right click on the control panel and select preferences, under the Video tab try changing them and give it another go. Also check the Misc tab and make sure its pointing to your cd drive /dev/cdrom or wherever it is.

    Do you have the Win32 codecs installed - if not, install them, I cant remember if they come standard with the mplayer install.

    Also dont forget permissions, I assume you have permission under the system to access the cdrom. On my system I have a 'cdrom' group, I made myself a member of that and have had no problems accessing the dvd/cd drives for read/write permissions on both devices - I recommend webmin, a great web browser application to make system changes on the fly if your not comfortable with the commandline.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Nov~

    Probably total rubbish, but a .dat file can be all sorts of things? If you ran something else that was using .dat files, you may have reset your file associations? possibly without even realising it?

    Just a thought?

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