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Thread: formating RAW file sysyem...???

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    formating RAW file sysyem...???

    I have a packet of new floppyes, but the floppyes have a RAW file system. I can't format these floppyes under Windows. How can I format these under Windows XP/98..????
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    You should be able to format those floppy under XP/2000/98 without problem. If Windows can format the disk, it's may habe read-only on (Windows will tell you). If Windows cannot format the disk after that, the disk is probably bad.

    By the way, new floppyes are usually pre-format.
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    Windows can be anal about reformatting disks that have
    had unusual formats. You need a third party program.
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    Also make sure the write lock tag is in the correct position and not locking your floppies.
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