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Thread: james bond 007 will soon be fired!!!

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    james bond 007 will soon be fired!!!

    i was searching on google when i found this artical on a korian newspapers site.

    with the heading North Korea Operates Hacking Unit it is amazing how quickly the world is changing.even the battle format and battle field is changing.rather then killing each others peaple now countries on a battlefield all the countries are trying to win the battle even before it start and for this they need secret information of enemy,ok wait no james bond here that time has passed now it is the edge of hacker bond 007.countries all over the world are employing computer security professionals or hackers in armed forces for this purpose .
    yes the typical format of war may not change but but certainly battles will now be decided by even before battle starts.

    i was wondering is it the end of james bond era ?
    is he gonna be unemployed now?
    what would he do now ?
    or is it the starting of a new era with a james bond having some kinda super micro computer in his pocket ?
    we might see some changes in james bond movies!
    may be a PC which can even be used as a car and a gun and a knife and a chocolate bomb or whatever.

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    I somewhat understand your post and your thought's, but what's the movie part of 007 and James Bond's character have anything to do with it? Not trying to be a dick (sorry if it come's out bad) but I'm curious.
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    just read that artical first.

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    Ok... I just read the article... I still am lost with the whole James Bond thing here...

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    sforce, did you not think I read it before commenting? LOL I read it, but still didn't know what the hell you were talking about. Again, sorry if I'm coming of as a dick.
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    not really Spyder32 actually i saw the lighter side of that artical.i mean i posted what i thought.i think ppl on AO would have been happy if i only posted that artical by cutting and pasting.nothing else

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    the crack contingent of hackers
    hmm like crack crackers.. would be more like narc's? but crack hackers.. would be after the crack?

    here is the job for james bond 007
    the vulnerability of the online computer network. It can collapse at any given moment if a single figure operating the system is infiltrated into the enemy’s side by spies
    007 could infiltrate one of the crack crackers.. and that would be the virus needed to bring down the system..

    So JB 007 wins again.. and he keeps his job an extra week

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    Its pretty laughable that really, the north koreans dont even have a decent electric network let allone a decent fibre optic internet kinda thing (what ever its called....)

    The north koreans have a timetable where each town gets electricity for so long and then turns it off again....

    All there information stuff must be radio based using either satalites or cell phone networks that are just set up for there military, they serverly neglect there own people appararently.

    As for the James Bond Stuff, I suppose you could liken it to that, I understand if his battles can be done for him form behind a computer he's not needed, but in honesty was a man with the stuttle of a 50 megaton thermonuclear device ever needed in fairnes............


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