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Thread: enebleing sound in modem?

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    enebleing sound in modem?

    hi and thanks for your fast replies as ususal
    have internal modem ess es56h-pi data fax modem.
    i can not hear sound of dialing when conncenting to net.
    it is enabled in modem properties.
    it shows its on.
    i use to hear it when dialing?
    how i enable it again?
    i can always uninstall and reinstall_i will take just few minutes
    xp pro sp1
    asus a7n8x-x
    512 ddr kingston 2100
    athlon xp 2600 barton

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    If its enabled in your modem properties and your speakers are on, you should be able to hear it.

    You could try Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control

    Select the advanced view and look for a modem setting there, not all computers have a modem setting there though.

    Why do you want to hear it???

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    If you heard the modem before . . . what changed? Did you install a new program or upgrade? Do you have the latest drivers for your modem?

    Nokia - Whether I am working on a system with an external or internal modem, I always like to hear the dialup. Even with the volume low, if there is a problem, I'll "hear" about it before I'd "see" it. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference plus the fact that if a system happens to pick up something nasty . . I want to know if it's accessing the Internet on its own.

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    OK. Take a look in your registry. Open your registry (Start-->run-->regedit) and search for all string values named (SpeakerMode_Dial). Replase the wrong value M0 with the right value M1.

    The Major registry value who you must replace is the following:


    This solution works in the windows XP OS.
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    thnks all and my modem is now making noise when dialing
    didnt have to play with registry
    instead open new account with power user for one of my friends and when istaled new cnet connection unabled sound and that was it.
    working perfectly like before
    thnks for your suggestions and help

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