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    i would like to learn the feautures of security of a server ,where can i find it? i tried google,mamma ....but i am not satisfied can u send me a good link plz
    thank u
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    Security's a pretty vast field..I'd recommend you start with the various you know the primary workings of how networks actually communicate?Try reading the RFC's for TCP/IP and ICMP if you dont(RFC 792 for ICMP and 793 for TCP).Also check out the tutorials on networking in the tutorials forum(

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    When you say security 'of a server', which server were you refering too? The OS itself has to be setup with a minimum of packages, just the ones needed to secure and run the server that you want, then once that has been tightened and configured, setup the apropriate server and tighten it aswell. If you gave us more info on OS, service, connection type etc.. we can give you better answers. In addition, just like 'therenegade' has pointed out, knowledge in networking (TCP/IP etc..) has to there too. I recomend you start by learning the OS you want to use for the service first, learn it inside out, then move onto networking, and last but not least, learn about the server itself, how to configure it, how to tighten it. Then go into security. Again, the security you will implement depends on what kind of server you want to setup.

    Check out tutorials section here on AO, there are many tutorials on how to setup and secure various servers.

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    Yeah, what kind of server? Web server? FTP Server? Telnet/SSH? You need to be much more specific in what you are looking for and I'll be more than glad to help you.
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