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Thread: Nt Authority\system??? What The!!

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    Angry Nt Authority\system??? What The!!

    Ok i've just installed Win XP Corp edition, anyhow everytime i go to the MicroSoft website to get the latest Updates/Patches what ever..
    This box keeps appearing about 2 minutes after i start downloading the updates.
    This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This Shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
    Windows must now restart because the Remote Procedure Call {RPC} service terminated unexpectadly.
    Seems that the Box doesn't wanna upload anything at the moment.

    Anyhow i've tried googlin but come up with nothing helpful, so if anyones had any problems with this, then how did you over come it..
    As it's getting really frustrating not being able to fix it myself..


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    Ooops, i forgot if anyone needs the Specs of the Box then here they are.

    Pen 3 450Mhz
    320Mb Ram
    running WinXP Corp

    anyother specs needed then just ask.

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    This sounds a lot like MSBlaster (or one of the variants), have you installed Antivirus let, has the box been scanned?


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    um looks like it's the blasterrrrrr

    Note: Follow Resolution #1 first, and then proceed to Resolution #2.

    Resolution #1: Download and install the Symantec W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool
    Resolution #2: If you do not have a current antivirus subscription

    Link to patch only (if you don‘t have the virus yet, but want to make sure your computer is protected from getting it):

    Download 2:
    Then click on the Blaster Worm security patch for your operating system.

    Oh i got all that from the first two results from a google search

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    Thanks guys, fruited if i know how the heck i caught this Virrii.
    brand new Hard Disk, just finished installing the OS, go to get updates, and the next thing i got a damned Virrii
    What else can go wrong.


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    Hey guys you forgot the Sasser worm and family.. it too will give the same error..

    the virus will cause this problem wether you have an effective AV programm or not!

    It requires the patches listed above and more! You need to have these BEFORE you go online. d/l them from a clean and patched xp box or a win98 machine..


    All of these will needed to be installed to prevent the following

    MSBLASTER latest version is T
    GAOBOT many versions
    SASSER looks like the latest is version F
    NAICHI/WELCHER latest version K

    to name a few that use either the RPC-DCOM or LSASS Vulnerabilities..

    the LSASS is the harder to crack.. the pc may need the service attacked several time before it will become infected.. rpc-dcom has a high chance of infection on the first attack on the service..

    As well as the above patches a firewall.. will make life a little easier..


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