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Thread: Does anybody know where to get cheap DVD+r's?

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    Question Does anybody know where to get cheap DVD+r's?


    I dont suppose anyone knows any good places online where I can get cheap DVD+/ R/RW's from do they?

    Google gave me 2,300,000 results after the firtst 30 or so I kinda gave up due to tierd eyes and still hadnt found what I was lookin for!

    Maybe this could turn into a "Cheap Supplies" thread for AO members?

    If people post links for anything computer wise that are going cheap: printer cartirages, hardware , blank cd dvd media, software, games, office supplies, manuals etc etc?

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    Big Lots is a good place to get CD-R's, DVD-R's, and whatever...

    The only problem is availability.
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    Ive always found to be very cheap fo rthings like cdr dvd media and select bits of HW like oem CPU's and memory(not well know makes for memory tho)

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    I usually troll the local Swap meets, there all ways cheap..

    OOps i shoulda read the post properly, anyhow i'm sure if you do a google search you might come up with something..
    Other then that i wouldn't know.

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    I was using well known brands but I was going through them like crazy.

    I was burning at a rate of over 20 DVD+R's a week.

    After searching around for a while... I found this "off the wall" brand called AVB @ They only had good reviews at the time so I decided to try them. For a 100 pack they were around $64.99 USD. So far, they have worked OK. I have about 10 coasters in the pack so far... and I've burned over 50 DVDs with this set. So, I guess I've wasted about $6.50 on the 10 disks that were unsucessful... However, I "saved" over $100 on the 100 pack by getting them for 64.99 instead of $160 for a 100 pack.

    Not quite sure if I'd get them again. I might... depends on how the rest of them burn.

    But, the playback of sound/video and such are the same as with well known brands.

    Out of 5 stars... I'll give them a 3. Where with memorex or fuji... I'd give the 5 out of 5.
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