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    whats gong on with antionline, every time i visit the page spybot comes up and worns me that doubleclick (a known threat wants to download)...

    it only happens with AO....

    apon refreshing the page i did a netstat and came up with ESTABLISHED

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    Are you sure you are clean of adware that might be loading with IE? Adware causes all kinds of crazy junk.

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    just cleaned.... and stil the same thing..... but its only starts when i visit AO

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    As Phish didn't say, it's Jupiter Media's ad service... I just run spysweeper when I surf and forget about it. I couldn't care less either way. They haven't done me any favors.
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    Wouldn't adding the site to your Hosts file effectively block the site and its attempts to download?

    My firewall (Outpost) blocks ads as well as certain sites - so I don't have a problem with Jupiter Media's ad service.

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    i kinda figured that, thanks for all you help

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    Use SpywareBlaster to block those ads.

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