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    Just out of curiosity I went to MITs OpenCourseWare and was looking aroudnw hen I found this piece of information.
    "For example, Lisp has become a language of choice for operating-system shell languages and for extension languages for editors and computer-aided design systems."

    This is very confusing or me, becuase I have heard form mutiple sources that one of the main implementations of Lisp was in the programming of robots and/or AI as well.

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    Table of contents
    1 History
    2 Syntax
    3 Minimal Lisp
    4 Example programs
    5 Object systems
    6 Implementation
    7 Genealogy and Variants
    8 See also

    helps ? a little bit ?

    never used lisp so i dont know. this was a quick search i did.

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    LISP is very usefull when doing GA (Genetic Algorithms). You can construct "dynamic" programs with LISP and GA. Take a look on internet.
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    I've never used it before but from what I understand it's a simple language that is easily extendable and embedded so that's why it's used as an extension language.
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