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Thread: Network password problems

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    Question Network password problems

    I have a network between a win. 2K box and a 98 SE. I have the network working so i can access the 98 computer from the win. 2k computer. The problem is when i try to connect to the win. 2k computer from the 98. It sees the computer there but everytime i try to connect to it it asks for a password. I have not set up any passwords or can even find the spot where i would change it if i had one. I dont quite know what to do. Any ideas?

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    Haven't done that for a while but I seem to recall that you need to go into both machines and set up networking/file/printer sharing. It sounds as if you have only completed one half of this. Check the networking options on your Win98SE box, and on your 2k one.


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    1) Does Windows (on the 2k machine) automatically start up, or do you have to log on first (presuming the former)?
    2) Have you tried logging on as admin (if you have an admin password set)?
    3) To everyone else -- could this be a compatibility issue since its 98 trying to connect to 2k while 2k can connect to 98 with no problems? That's kind of what I'm suspecting...

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    Its been a long time since I have seen a win9x machine but I'll take a stab...

    In a peer to peer environment like this....Try to make sure you have a profile that requires a password on your Win9x machine. Make sure the username and password of that profile matches exactly an account on your win2k machine. Of couse the account on the win2k machines needs to have permissions to access whatever you are attempting to access from the Win9x box.

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    The Win2k machine is looking for a login to it's local "domain". Find it's computer name through My Computer - Properties, (there's one more to go through, it's a tab and I'm not on a Win2k box right now so it's different but you should be able to find it), and then when the win98 box asks for the login name and password do it as follows:-

    (If the Win2k box's name is swizewin2kbox)

    the username = swizewin2kbox\adminstrator
    the password is the administrator's password for the Win2k box.

    That should work. Win2k is picky about security and "domains" simply using adminstrator as the username could mean the administrator of AO. You need to specify the domain and the only domain your Win2k box understand is it's local domain.
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    Hi Angelic~

    I have done this down a null modem cable a while back...........I am pretty sure it was 98Se and Win2K rather than ME and 2k

    It did ask for a password I am sure, and a name for the other computer.

    I have just had a thought though:

    If he has set up Win2K with an NTFS file system, Win98SE won't be able to do anything with it, even if he does get in?


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    IIRC, It does not matter what FS the client/server uses?

    Only that they both have file and print sharing enabled...

    Win2k does the actuall access, and sends the file to 98... I think.
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    i feel like a idiot but i forgot where to go to enable file and print sharing on my win. 2k mechine. I think that i have it set up for file and print sharing but it couldnt hurt to make sure.

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    If I remember right you go to start > settings > network and dial up connections > right click on your connection > properties > networking tab. I think it's in there, but it's been a while.
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    Under the network properties I went in and clicked on file and printsharing. when i clicked on that i couldnt get into the properties on that. The botton for the properties of the file and print sharing isnt even clickable. If i right click on it then i only get the what is this help in the right click menu....

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