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Thread: Mozilla Firefox prints zero's

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    Angry Mozilla Firefox prints zero's

    My Mozilla Firefox browser prints all zero's when I try to print a web page out. IE6 prints fine, and all other apps print fine. any idea's? I've been trough all the settings, changed the font/color...nothing worked.
    win98/Mozilla Firefox 0.8/ HP Photosmart 7260
    No spyware/Adware/Viruses......I keep a clean system.
    Reinstalled Windows....reinstalled printer.....ditto for the browser.
    I'm stumped.
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    The problem of printing squares (zeros) has been resolved. It had nothing to do with Netscape. The real problems was that Windows 98 has a limitation on the number of fonts it can handel (800). The machine had over a thousand fonts. Once I remove 250 of them Netscape started printing fine. Do not understand why Netscape was the only application effected (IE printed fine) but fixed now.

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    Thanks pooh sun tzu,

    Although I didn't start the thread, I do have a win98se box with firefox on it now, I'll understand why it just prints zeros (squares).

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    Yes I have come across problems with the font limitation In Win9x, I didn't remember how many it was but If a number of apps with specialised fonts were installed you could get problems if they were loaded at the back of the fonts file after the first 800 or howevermany.

    No surprise that IE works as it is effectively an embedded Windows app, and will use fonts in the first part of the file.

    /Me thinks "one of Billy Boy's dirty tricks"..............nah, no way, never /

    Actually it is a bit of a reflection on the software that falls into the trap, it should either check and warn you that you have overfilled your fonts file on installation or default to a usable font on execution........................but there again, I always was a pedantic old fart


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