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Thread: A network newbie Q.

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    A network newbie Q.

    hi guys
    i have a question
    it's simple i googled it but didnt come up with what i want
    i have a small network at office
    a server ( win98se)
    and 9 clients ( win98se as well)
    we share 5 printers and the same internet connection
    here is my question
    how can i control the internet connection over the network?
    in other words
    how can i control the speed by which the clients access the internet?
    i got a normal dial up connection
    so is there any way to do this manually or even by any kind of a software?
    for example to make the max. internet connection speed for each client 1 kb/s or something like that

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    do u use ICS to make ur network sur the internet?

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    Have a peek at this thread..I think it'll help:

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    Hi X-cution3r

    Basically you need to get some sort of hardware firewall or router, which can control band width. Since you are talking about a Win98 network you will probably won't be able to control it via software (don't quote me though) you would have to have a linux system to control it via software. I don't think that sharing a dial connection with 9 users is very pratical though. You will need the patient of a saint

    Within the next few months I am going attempt the same thing with broadband via wireless connections. I will need some of bandwidth manager so if you fine anything that does the job send me a message, if I come accross something myself I will send you the details.

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    Yeah, running a LAN on dial-up's gonna drive you nuts. Also consider upgrading your OS if you can afford to. Pretty basic rule of thumb that opening a Win98 box up to the Internet is just asking for trouble, as it's a beginner's hacking target. If you can't afford to, make sure you have a strong firewall, antivirus, and spyware detection tool in place, at the least.

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