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Thread: Sygate or ZoneAlarm

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    Sygate or ZoneAlarm

    Alright I am wondering what would be a better firewall software. I have used sygate for awhile but a fellow employee just picked up a copy of ZoneAlarm Pro 4 and I am wondering what the AO community feels is a better firewall. I have been using Sygate for about 8 months now and it has never let me down but I always like upgrading. I do not know much a ZoneAlarm and have been doing some reading on it.

    Please let me know you input on the situation.

    - Adiz

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    In my opinion sygate is a better product but don’t let that stop you from trying something new. Install zone alarm and if it sucks just go back to sygate. Heck you’re probably going to encounter Zone Alarm while you’re fixing your family/friend/coworkers computer anyways so might as well get familiar with it.

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    I used Sygate briefly but found ZA easier to configure, personally.

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    Another vote here for Sygate. I used ZA for a long time, but found that it was not as stable as sygate after updates. I use Sygate Pro and have never had a problem with it. ZA is easy to configure and in fairness to the product I have not used the latest and greatest, so it may now be more stable.
    I am a creature of habit. I know Sygate, I liker the product and will stick with it....My two cents.

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    Sygate is a very good product, ZA blows chunks, IMHO. ZA has a history of ignoring serious bugs and limitations in the product as well as trying to stiffle real concern about their QA practices. Just because it's a "best selling" or "easiest to use" (which it isn't) product doesn't mean it's the best for the job or the most capable.

    I personally use Agnitum's Outpost because of it's open source nature and the fact that I can custom build plugins for it. I like having control. hehehe.

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    No kidding? I hadn't heard about this. What's the story?

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    Personally, I like ZA firewall, Open source nature seems interesting,

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    If you say you are comfortable with Sygate, then why change that? You like it and you know how it work's, it's performance, etc then why change that and use something that could possibly screw up on you? Now, I agree with cwk9 in an aspect that you should try it, but try it at home or on another box.

    because of it's open source nature and the fact that I can custom build plugins for it. I like having control.
    Agreed, Open Source is the best
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    Here're a few links:
    They do suggest that Sygate's the better product..but I found ZA easier to configure
    Ofcourse,a firewall in the end's only as good as you configure it,so make sure you read up on whatever you decide to use
    Here's a nifty little program that claims to check the usefullness of your firewall..I believe it's proved that BlackIce Defender has a pretty serious flaw..check it out..

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    Network ICE's BlackIce always has proved to have some kinda flaw in it. Sad, it's not THAT bad but far from close to any of the other's in term's of performance or reliability.
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